Examples of our Handicapping Angles

Here's some examples of our WCHR/ECHR Handicapping Angles we've created for our members, the type of "stuff" we like to weave into our race analysis when angles such as these apply, one of the many reasons our reports are so different (and popular)!

Closers off the Layoff
His or her off the pace style means he can certainly fire off the rest today. Here’s our ECHR-WCHR angle on the subject - “It’s easier to find a big effort off the bench with a horse who figures to relax while getting into a nice breathing pattern early and therefore allowing him to finish down the lane. Why is is this? The trainer essentially is prepping his horse to settle before coming with a final⅜ run, as opposed to the horse who needs to run hard from gate to wire off the bench, a task which is further complicated by the speed types off the bench who’re are often twice as wound-up having not run for a bit. Getting those types to settle early while out on the front end is often difficult.”

Cheap Field, Find the 1/4 pole Leader
In a cheap field lacking much talent, we like to find the likely leader at the 1/4 pole which has led Members to numerous winners for members of both the WCHR and ECHR. In a weak field very few runners are making up ground down the lane. If the front runner at the 1/4 pole can be established, they're often an excellent candidate to go wire to wire as even if this front runner begins to weaken, they'll simply be backpedaling in FRONT of other regressing runners. This will present the illusion of a horse on the front end who's "finding more" when in actuality the entire field is going backwards.